Christian Aid's 2007 report "A Rich Seam: Who Benefits from Rising Commodity Prices?" indicates that mining companies that extract raw commodities—such as oil, nickel, or copper—turn th

Elizabeth Palmberg 05-01-2007
Three factors that are invisible to market fundamentalists.
Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-2007
Now playing near you: A global monoculture.
Elaine Storkey 05-01-2007
What will we see if we view the global economy through the lens of faith?
Elizabeth Palmberg 05-01-2007

• Write your members of Congress to demand that they not renew the president's "fast track" authority on trade agreements, which ties Congress's hands by allowing it only to approv

1) As a citizen:
Join the trade justice movement
Go to the "get involved" or "take action" links on the following Web sites:

  • U.S.
Adam Russell Taylor 05-01-2007

Changing the world by changing the rules.

Elizabeth Palmberg 05-01-2007

Understanding the perils and promise of international trade. Includes Web Exclusive: List of additional readings and resources.

Rory E. Anderson 03-01-2007
'Blood diamonds' still fuel conflict.

The U.S. provided nearly half of the conventional weapons sold to developing nations in 2005

How Does Your Company Measure Up?

Elizabeth Palmberg 07-01-2003
Latin American churches tackle 'free' trade.

As if there weren't enough reasons to get rid of your cell phone, a new study from the Worldwatch Institute reports that coltan—the mineral that keeps cell phones and other electronic eq

Protesters anywhere have a legitimate case to make, as long as it’s not made with violence.

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 05-01-2001

On the day the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect, the Zapatista movement began—a rebellion, they said, against the forces of globalization on behalf of the rights of indigenous Mexicans.

John Sage is low-key in approach and evangelistic in mission: Save the world through coffee. Can't be done, you say?

Jim Rice 05-01-2000
China is the current battleground---as Seattle was last fall---over the rules of global trade.
Jim Wallis 03-01-2000

The real story in Seattle was not the violence of demonstrators nor the misbehavior of police.