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Cuppa Joy?

John Sage is low-key in approach and evangelistic in mission: Save the world through coffee. Can't be done, you say? Well, while it's true that the path to good java is paved with dangerous cul de sacs, there might be a way…the "Pura Vida" way.

Pura Vida Coffee is the brainchild of dotcommer John Sage and Vineyard pastor Chris Dearnley. "I had some money and lots of business experience," says Sage, "and Chris had the ideas and the ministry." Two great things that go great together.

Since 1998 Pura Vida has been turning over 100 percent of its net profits to ministries in Costa Rica that provide clothes and food to street kids, housing for recovering addicts, and job-training for adults. On the flip side, they sell delicious beans grown in Costa Rica on small, family-owned farms that promote organic fertilizers and recycle coffee byproducts. Suppliers pay fair wages, meet Ministry of Labor standards, and provide free housing for harvesters. Bulk and fund-raising discounts are available. or 1-888-577-4JOY.

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 2001
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