Teresa Blythe 07-01-2002

Fox-TV's The X-Files has ended nine years in which a duo of FBI agents investigated unexplained phenomena...

TV's first all-Latino drama broadens the cultural picture.
Teresa Blythe 03-01-2002

A frequent comment by political pundits after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was that the United States lacks "good old-fashioned human intelligence" against terrorism.

Recently, Turkish TV launched the hottest new program in virtual voyeurism: Who can survive on the country’s minimum wage?

Karmen is an animated building whose mission is to harbor peace within her dilapidated walls.

Teresa Blythe 11-01-2001

Although a "show about nothing" may seem to offer us little to ponder theologically, we need only look at the Jewish tradition of seeking wisdom to see connections to Seinfeld.

"Curse Free TV" is a new invention that automatically filters out profanity and other offensive language in television programming.

Danny Duncan Collum 09-01-1999

By now the Littleton, Colorado high school massacre has become the cultural Rorschach test for the new millennium.

Danny Duncan Collum 09-01-1998

When I began writing this column, way back in the second Reagan term, I held a certain spirit of optimism about the possibilities of American popular culture

Jim Rice 05-01-1996
What to do about sleazy TV?
Danny Duncan Collum 01-01-1996

I confess to being a year behind the curve on this whole ER thing. I know it's supposed to be the bright hope of network drama-dom.