South Africa

Robert Roth 9-01-2006
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for October.
Adam Taylor 7-01-2006
Ten years after the formal dismantling of apartheid, economic injustice, HIV/AIDS, and poverty stand in the way of real reconciliation - and present daunting challenges for the South African church.
South African voters elected a new national parliament and nine provincial governments in the nation'

South African voters elected a new national parliament and nine provincial governments in the nation's third "all-races" elections since the end of apartheid in 1994. Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu (above) applauds after

Robin Fillmore 5-01-2002

The film opens with a faint sound, a vibration that says something's coming, and so you listen very closely.

Edie Bird 5-01-2000
Sorting out justice in South Africa.
Molly Marsh 3-01-1999
Moyers on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Joyce Hollyday 3-01-1998
room of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission burst open. The parents of Amy Biehl walk in, surrounded by reporters, microphones, and cameras.
Joyce Hollyday 1-01-1998

"From now on, therefore, we regard no one from a human point of view....This is from God, who...has given us the ministry of reconciliation."— 2 Corinthians 5:16, 18

South Africa grapples with reconciliation.
Jim Wallis 5-01-1995

Europe once fought a war for 100 years. For the first 100 days of the new Republican-controlled Congress, another war took place on Capitol Hill, and now promises to continue.

Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1988

Jesus was too young to understand the excitement that attended his birth.

Jim Wallis 11-01-1988

The importance of "The House of Peace."  

With successive states of emergency, government crackdowns, massive detentions, uncontrolled police violence, the elimination of a free press, and the banishing of international media, South Africa has virtually become a military dictatorship and a terrorist state.

Joyce Hollyday 8-01-1988

Faces of South Africa

Jim Wallis 8-01-1988

The Church Steps Forward in South Africa.

Vicki Kemper 10-01-1987

Given the increasingly monolithic, corporate nature of our society, it is not easy to find a good bank.

The last months of 1986 saw a steady stream of seemingly positive headlines related to South Africa. The U.S. Congress passed a sanctions bill and overrode the president's veto.

Jim Wallis 10-01-1986

Albertina Sisulu is, after Winnie Mandela, the best known woman in South Africa.

Daniel Berrigan 8-01-1986

On Location In South America