Racial Reconciliation

Shane Claiborne 9-02-2008

[see all posts in this conversation on New Monastics and race.]

Vonetta and Jason, first I want you to know that I am deeply grateful for the conversation you've invited and stirred with our private conversations and now

[see all posts in this conversation on New Monastics and race.]

In August 2006, before having ever heard the term "new monasticism," my husband, Jason, and I founded Radical Living, an intentional community in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. When I (Vonetta) was 12 years old, I emigrated from Guyana to [...]

Apologies for slavery must be followed by steps to justice.
Darren Hughes 6-01-2008

In early 1940, just months before he would die while fleeing the Gestapo in Spain, the Jew­ish-German literary critic Walter Benjamin assembled his “Theses on the Philosophy of History,&r

James H. Cone 7-01-2007

Why the environmental movement and the racial justice movement need each other.

The Southern soul - and community - of Stax Records.
Meg E. Cox 12-01-2006

John Perkins' pioneering ministry has shown that true racial reconciliation can only come with economic and political empowerment.

Robert Roth 8-01-2006

It is natural for people of faith to ally with secular organizations and approaches. We may even see the spirit of God in movements that bring life and hope.

Robert Roth 6-01-2006
At its best the church is an "innocence project" for ourselves and others.
For the next 54 years, Anne Braden was a solid citizen of 'the other America.'
Rose Marie Berger 6-01-2006
Many pentecostals trace their spiritual heritage to the Azusa Street revival.
Deanna Wylie Mayer 2-01-2006
America's first truth and reconciliation commission tries to bring healing to a divided community.
Charles Marsh 1-01-2005
An excerpt of the book: The Beloved Community
Danny Duncan Collum 10-01-2004

How faith and a newspaper transformed a Mississippi community.

North Carolinians take pride in their "

North Carolinians take pride in their "First in Flight" license plates. Now they can claim another first—the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the United States.

Lloyd Wolf 7-01-2001

A remarkable program for black and Jewish teen-agers goes a long way toward busting stereotypes and fostering reconciliation.

Chris Rice 11-01-2000

A straight-shooting white friend once commented that whenever blacks and whites are together it's like there's a "big pile of poop in the middle of the room..."

Michigan city turns dialogue into action.