Lisa Sharon Harper

Evangelicals say yes to Syrian refugees: Jarvis DeBerry

World Relief, which calls itself the "biggest evangelical refugee resettlement agency in America" is urging political leaders around the country -- many of whom consistently court evangelical votes -- to support the resettling of Syrian refugees in this country. quotes World Relief's vice president Jenny Yang who says that talk of shutting such refugees out "does not reflect what we've been hearing from our constituencies, which are evangelical churches across the country."

'Uncommon' Assembly Held at Glen Avon Presbyterian Church: Topics Included Poverty, Faith, Racial Inequality

Chum’s Annual Fall Community Assembly was held Tuesday at the Glen Avon Presbyterian Church.  The event featured "The Uncommon Tour", which  focuses on the connection between faith, poverty, and racial equality.

“There’s also  part of Duluth of people who are left out of the great stuff that Duluth has to offer so the question we have to ask and that we will be asking over the weekend, is how do we make a better Duluth for everyone?” said Lisa Sharon Harper, the Keynote Speaker of the Uncommon Assembly.

The event will continue on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Here's How Progressive Evangelicals Can Win Back Millennials

When I was 15, I stepped into a warm bath on my church's sanctuary stage. I was a bit of an outsider - the occasionally bullied Chinese-American kid in the white suburb - and I had found a place of belonging at this Chinese immigrant church. I made a joke about how I felt the same way about my new faith as my 16-year-old friend felt about her new driver's license: I had no idea how I ever lived without this. Even my pastor chuckled as he clasped my hands, preparing to dunk me.