Lisa Sharon Harper

Can Everything Wrong Be Made Right?

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Lisa’s work provides a thorough biblical analysis, from Genesis to Revelation. It takes all 66 books of both testaments to fully grasp the texture and depth of the biblical theme of shalom, this pervasive idea so vast in its meaning which defies simplistic theological definition. Shalom requires, indeed demands, this kind of careful reading in order to grasp what Walter Brueggemann calls an emphasis on a “’thick’ reading of the gospel,” in contrast to the “’thin’ theology” so often put forward by both “convenient fundamentalism” as well as the “progressive church.”

Finding Shalom Among Genders

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Tracing God’s indomitable shalom throughout Scripture, The Very Good Gospel celebrates the blessed web of creation where the flourishing of one is the flourishing of all. Devoting nearly 20 pages to shalom between the genders, Lisa Sharon Harper considers her own experiences in Christian ministry where too often God’s gifts to women are shamed and marginalized. Harper challenges the theological distortions that rob men and women of that blessed partnership beaming throughout the pages of Scripture.

When the Good News of the Gospel Doesn't Feel Good Enough

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If I were to share my understanding of the gospel to my ancestors who walked the Cherokee Trail of Tears (according to family oral tradition) and slaved in South Carolina and Virginia (according to Census Slave Schedules), would they receive my simple understanding of Jesus’ “good news” as good news? Would they jump for joy to find out “God has a wonderful plan for their lives, but they are sinful and therefore separated from God, but Jesus died for their sin, so if they pray a simple prayer they get to go to heaven?”

If this news would not lead my oppressed ancestors to shout with joy, then maybe it’s not good news at all — or at least it’s not good enough.

Video Flips The Script On The Ridiculous Reasons Women ‘Should Not Be Pastors’


Evangelicals say yes to Syrian refugees: Jarvis DeBerry

World Relief, which calls itself the "biggest evangelical refugee resettlement agency in America" is urging political leaders around the country -- many of whom consistently court evangelical votes -- to support the resettling of Syrian refugees in this country. quotes World Relief's vice president Jenny Yang who says that talk of shutting such refugees out "does not reflect what we've been hearing from our constituencies, which are evangelical churches across the country."

'Uncommon' Assembly Held at Glen Avon Presbyterian Church: Topics Included Poverty, Faith, Racial Inequality

Chum’s Annual Fall Community Assembly was held Tuesday at the Glen Avon Presbyterian Church.  The event featured "The Uncommon Tour", which  focuses on the connection between faith, poverty, and racial equality.

“There’s also  part of Duluth of people who are left out of the great stuff that Duluth has to offer so the question we have to ask and that we will be asking over the weekend, is how do we make a better Duluth for everyone?” said Lisa Sharon Harper, the Keynote Speaker of the Uncommon Assembly.

The event will continue on Wednesday at 10 a.m.