Cesar Baldelomar 04-06-2010

I recently viewed an episode of Gangland on The History Channel. This particular show, which documents the rise of the younger members of the Imperial Klan of America (or KKK), really roused my anger. I thought, "How could people be so ignorant and foolish?" Can't they just accept that the United States has always been an ethnically, religiously, and ideologically diverse country?

Eugene Cho 02-25-2010
Some of my readers have too much time on their hands.
Benedict Rogers 02-12-2010

Google's vow to pull out of China last month was partly based on the discovery that human rights activists' Gmail accounts had been hacked into, purportedly by Chinese intelligence. As a human rights advocate, this is worrying news for all who seek to fight for justice around the world.

Julie Clawson 01-05-2010
The Out of Ur blog recently posted a video of N.T. Wright going off on the dangers of social media.
Every day across America we see self-segregation in lunchrooms, in classrooms, and in church pews on Sunday morning. But how about online?
Anna Almendrala 05-27-2009
When Robert Greenwald, founder and president of Brave New Films -- an organization that uses new media and
Jeannie Choi 05-13-2009
Sojourners magazine received many honors at the joint annual conventions of the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) a
Danny Duncan Collum 04-01-2009
Major record labels haven't adapted to the wired age -- and they're losing.
Onleilove Alston 12-08-2008
Jamie: We took a puzzle system of trains for about an hour or so until we pulled to an unexpected stop on the tracks, just feet from the platform of 125th Street.
A curious thing has happened as Americans were choosing their first black president. Democracy suddenly ceased to be a bad word for many genuine democrats in the Middle East.
Julie Clawson 11-05-2008
The 2008 election is obviously historic.
Danny Duncan Collum 07-01-2006
As newspapers die a slow death, can cable, radio, and the Web really provide serious, independent news?
James Ferguson 04-01-2006

A January report on Internet use among Protestant churches, conducted by Ellison Research, found that most churches are riding in buggies on the information superhighway.

Danny Duncan Collum 03-01-2006
If democracy is to be more than a slogan, everyone must have access to the Internet.
Jesse Holcomb 05-01-2004
Churches shouldn't ignore the meetup phenomenon.
David Batstone 04-01-2004
Online dating brings out what's awry with romance and relationship.
Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-2000

In the 19th century, with much sweat and blood, immigrant labor gangs pushed a railroad across the newly continental United States.

Stacia M. Brown 09-01-2000

The Internet has rekindled the zeal and magnified the power of hate groups. What can we do to fight back?