Jim Wallis 3-25-2010
Sometimes, the timing of events seems almost providential.

Jim Wallis 10-22-2009

Earlier this month, I was in Dallas for the official launch of Sojourners' next Justice Revival.

Victoria Hicks 10-20-2009

"It's time."

"Dallas needs this."

Those are the two statements Aaron Graham (Sojourners' Justice Revival Coordinator) and I heard over and over again as we visited pastors and other community leaders all over the city, lifting up the vision of a Dallas Justice Revival.

Jeffrey Buchanan 9-02-2009

This will be the first year congressional leaders and President Obama won't travel to the Gulf Coast to honor the anniversary of our nation's largest disaster.

Alan Clapsaddle 3-10-2009
Jim Wallis wrote a great post last week entitled "Potluck Perspective." Unfortunately, sharing food with 'the least of these' is again drawing the ire of those un
Alan Clapsaddle 2-04-2009
Last week, January 27, just a few blocks north of the Sojourners' office on 14th Street in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of our nation's capital, a homeless man was attacked and lay dying on th

In Brookville, Pennsylvania, a dispute over laws has shaken the otherwise quiet community.

Last week was a busy one, getting the blog switched over from Beliefnet to our own web site. Sharp-eyed readers have noticed a few bugs, but since we're over the hump I thought a little Friday fun was in order. Fans of the Colbert Report know that Stephen has done has done a lot to raise awareness of the dangers of bears. His work remains unfinished.

Alan Clapsaddle 6-10-2008

Unconscionable: adjective

1. not guided by conscience; unscrupulous.

2. not in accordance with what is just or reasonable: unconscionable behavior.

3. excessive; extortionate: an unconscionable profit.

I have had some "unconscionable" things on my mind a lot lately as I have been working with the 20-somethings who make up Orlando Food Not Bombs and University of [...]

In response to a police crackdown on people living on the streets, First Presbyterian Church in downtown Dallas opened its parking lot as a safe space for homeless people to sleep—even provid

Todd Billings 4-01-2007
How can Christian live out the commands of Mathew 25 - without the pity?
Rose Marie Berger 6-01-2006

World Peace. A new Internet service provider, Peacenik.co.uk, will raise money for peacemakers working in conflict zones around the world.

Robert Roth 5-01-2006

Love binds and builds, heals and hallows, redeems and restores.

Wanda Fries 4-01-2006

The poor are with you always—

Julie Polter 3-01-2003
Where oh where can we put the homeless?
Tricia Schug 5-01-2002

When one thinks about homelessness, it's unlikely that the terms "network" or "mentoring" come to mind.

Anne Grant 3-01-2002

Thanks for Ryan Beiler's wrenching humor and truth in "The Aroma of Christ."

Jeremy Milgrom 3-01-2002

Thanks, Ryan, for keeping Jésus' memory alive ("The Aroma of Christ") and helping him to continue to serve a higher purpose than he might have been aware of.

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 11-01-2001

Ever since I gave Jesus a ride, my car smells like urine.

From sit-ins against sweatshops to lobbying against religious persecution, many students today are proving themselves to be anything but apathetic.