S. Scott Bartchy 11-01-2004

Paul's letters talk about Jesus' radical new vision of believers as family. But some Bible translations miss the point altogether.

Chris Rice 9-01-1999

The continuing scandal is summed up in a 1997 Gallup Poll: The Christian church remains the one "highly segregated" major institution of American public life.

Notes from a small southern town.

Kristine Jensen 1-01-1999

It is a clear fall day in 1986 and I am walking the block home from the bus stop. It is my second month of high school; I am 13, a freshman, an artist.

Kathy McGinnis 11-01-1998
What makes raising kids so tough?
Valerie Schultz 11-01-1998

Sometimes self-knowledge can be gleaned from the most unlikely of sources. From a glimpse of sunset, or a chance reading of a poem. Or, say, from a 14-year-old Japanese girl.

Jesus' words as he wept over Jerusalem are probably more compelling today than ever: "If this day you only knew the ways that make for peace..." (Luke 19:42).

Parenting is key--but so is good day care.
Joe Nangle 3-01-1998

The drama that unfolded in the arrest and court proceedings of Theodore Kaczynski deserves serious, even prayerful, reflection. In part it focuses our attention on that most basic of all communi

David A. Wade 11-01-1995

Every year, at our family reunion, one more seat of memories and laughter is empty.

Jim Wallis 1-01-1987

My sister Barb, her husband, Jim, and their two boys, Michael and Nathan, joined Sojourners 11 years ago, just as we were moving from Chicago to Washington, D.C.