Faith-Based Organizations

Film footage via GAVI Alliance

Film footage via GAVI Alliance

According to UNICEF, 29,000 children under the age of five – 21 each minute – die every day, mainly from preventable diseases.

The GAVI Alliance, a public-private partnership aimed at increasing worldwide access to immunizations, has a goal of reaching 250 million children by 2015. Dr. Mercy Ahun, GAVI special representative in Geneva, sat down with Sojourners to discuss the role of faith-based organizations in helping reach those 250 million,and the role her own personal faith plays in her work.

“What really got me into public health is my time in the children’s wards. We were working with children who had preventable diseases,” Ahun said. “… I thought to myself, why should stay here waiting for the children to fall sick before they come to the hospital. It’s better actually to go out there and prevent this in the first place.”

Joe Murchison 8-01-2009

At age 29, Don McClanen founded the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Five ministries later, McClanen -- now 83 -- continues his remarkable journey.

Molly Marsh 6-01-2008

Faith-based groups fight violence against women.

“God Behind Bars,” by Nancy Hastings Sehested, September-Octo­ber 2007) was a very good article.

Jim Wallis 12-01-2006
Political manipulation of religion only compounded the crime of political neglect of the poor.
Tom Sine 6-01-2006
Neighbourhood preparedness is important, particularly in poorer communities.

Shanti Sellz and Daniel Strauss, both 23, face felony charges for aiding people in the Arizona desert who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. Their appeal to have the case against them dismissed was denied in January. Sellz and Strauss are volunteers with No More Deaths, a Tucson, Arizona-based coalition of faith-based groups that advocates for immigrant reform and provides food, water, and medical care to migrants crossing the desert.

The Amachi program gives people of faith the tools they need to make a difference for inmates' children.
Duane Shank 9-01-2003
Religious organizations and fair hiring.
Jim Wallis 7-01-2001

Religious leaders demand (and get) help for working families.

Jim Wallis 5-01-2001

An interview with John DiIulio, point man for the White House's controversial new 'faith-based' initiative.

John DiIulio 5-01-2001

Some religious leaders, especially from within conservative evangelical Christian communities of faith, have worried out loud that religious bodies that receive government support will, over time

E.J. Dionne Jr. 5-01-2001

Charitable choice has to be seen as part of a broader effort to strengthen civil society as a whole.

Jim Wallis 5-01-2001

Will witches, cults, and strange religions soon get taxpayers' dollars?

Jim Wallis 3-01-2001

Breakfast in the White House can be dangerous to the prophetic vocation.

Emily Dossett 9-01-2000

Faith-based health ministries provide medicine...and hope.

E.J. Dionne Jr. 3-01-2000
E.J. Dionne talks about God, politics, and the American experiment.
Jim Wallis 3-01-2000

Lessons from the life of an activist preacher. An excerpt from the new.

Helene Slessarev 3-01-2000

Faith-based community organizing is taking off---with benefits for both community and church.