Death and Dying

Rose Marie Berger 1-01-2000
Capturing sorrow with hope.
Jim Wallis 7-01-1999

Just over 18 months ago, my mother was dancing at my wedding. Only a month later, my mom discovered that she had cancer of the abdominal lining.

Through death, learning about love.
Pam Fickenscher 1-01-1999

It is often assumed that younger people have no respect for their elders and even less reverence for history.

Jim Wallis 1-01-1997

Traveling across the country during the 1996 Presidential campaign, I saw almost no yard signs or bumper stickers with the names of the presidential nominees on them.

Ron Green 9-01-1995

"The door is locked!

Ginny Earnest 5-01-1995
Healing in the presence of God and community.
Elaine V. Emeth 5-01-1995
How to pray for healing.