Walter Poe 5-01-2009

I thought Ruth Haley Barton’s article (“Make a Joyful Silence,” February 2009) was awesome.

Douglas Bakke 4-01-2009

Regarding “Make a Joyful Silence,” by Ruth Haley Barton (February 2009): We Quakers figured out more than 350 years ago that the presence of God is best understood through the “ga

Ruth Haley Barton 2-01-2009
While Protestants traditionally emphasize the Word and words, many are learning to meet God in quiet contemplation.
Ruth Haley Barton 2-01-2009
Key contemplative spirituality terms.
Troy Jackson 12-10-2008
1968 was a year filled with tragic deaths, of young leaders lost.
The Editors 2-01-2007

Going Deeper

Rose Marie Berger 12-01-2006
Thomas Keating talks about how the ancient church tradition of contemplation can transform Christians today.
Rose Marie Berger 3-01-2006
Lent invites us to a 'tranquil listening of the heart.'
Rose Marie Berger 12-01-2005
The arrest slip identified my 'property' as a Bible, a set of keys, and shoelaces.
Edwidge Danticat 12-01-2004

Between Haiti and the streets of Brooklyn.

"You don't know what it's like to have a husband, small children, and a congregation. There's no time for prayer."
Jim Forest 11-01-2000
The Trappist's voice continues to resound.
Edward J. Farrell 1-01-2000

To be a contemplative has traditionally meant leaving the city for a quiet life of prayer.

Jo Ann Heydron 5-01-1999

Living a contemplative a feminist life.