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Words about Silence

A time when we pull ourselves away from the company of others so that we can give our full and undivided attention to God.

Deepens our experience of solitude; in silence, we also withdraw from our reliance on words, noise, and activity so that we can listen for the still, small voice of God.

Another way of talking about silence, contemplative prayer is a way of praying that takes us beyond words to a place of rest, openness, and receptivity to God’s presence, much as a very young child rests with her or his mother (Psalm 131).

Slow, meditative reading of scripture that involves reading the same short passage multiple times, incorporating a rhythm of silence and word.

The practice of praying at specific times of the day—most often morning (lauds), midday, evening (vespers), and night (compline)—often using written prayers that include scriptures and time for silent reflection.

A one-on-one relationship characterized by a quiet, listening approach to the spiritual life.


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Sojourners Magazine February 2009
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