Amy Ard 12-01-2007
Learning something new by buying nothing new.
Daniel Skach-Mills 12-01-2007

My breath pluming white into December
could, to God, be incense rising out
of the puffing thurible of my body.
Up here, it’s impossible to tell for the fog
Danny Duncan Collum 12-01-2006
The war on the war on Christmas
James Ferguson 12-01-2006

If you want to be cool this Christmas, nothing is more “in” than irony and nothing is more ironic than sending gifts wrapped with Jesus packaging tape—printed with Andy Warhol-esq

26: St. Stephen's Day: Give to the poor all that you don't need.

Julie Polter 11-01-2000

I confess: I was a catalog girl who grew up to be a catalog woman.

Bob Hulteen 1-01-1998

Did you survive the holidays?

Joyce Hollyday 11-01-1995

"Can we make this a ritual?" my then-9-year-old niece asked me.

Bob Hulteen 12-01-1994

Amidst the joy of celebrating the coming of the Child at Christmas, many of us are caught up in the bustle of holiday travels, shopping sprees, and plans to serve those less fortunate.

Rose Marie Berger 12-01-1994

Christmas came early this year, Lord

Tim Bascom 12-01-1994

Hunched over his mop, backbone like knotted cord

A.J. Muste 12-01-1984

A Christmas sermon.

Jim Forest 12-01-1983

The angel's message to the shepherds.

Ernest Boyer 6-01-1982

The spiritualities of solitude and community.

Conrad Hoover 12-01-1977

Waiting for the harvest of God's promise.