Catholic Worker

Rosalie Riegle 9-01-2008
The Catholic Worker After Dorothy Day: Practicing the Works of Mercy in a New Generation, by Dan McKanan.
Eda Uca-Dorn 5-16-2008

Christine Haider, 25, is preparing for her confirmation to the Roman Catholic Church. When asked about her confirmation name, she smiles broadly and says, "Dorothy." Seventy-five years since the founding of the Catholic Worker Movement, Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin continue to call a new generation of the faithful to a radical gospel of nonviolent resistance to evil and hospitality to [...]

Tobias Winright 9-01-2006
The authors connect the dots between Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, and those who influenced them.
Jim Wallis 7-01-1998

Sojourners Community

Jim Wallis 9-01-1995

In Oklahoma City, 168 people died because they were in the way of somebody's anger at the government.