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Dorothy Day: Unapologetic Radical, but no Marxist

by Robert Ellsberg 03-29-2010

It was surprising to see Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker movement, described on the Glenn Beck show as a Marxist.

The Duty of Delight

by Robert Ellsberg 01-01-2003
. . . and other lessons from a life well-lived.

The Mystery of Holiness

by Robert Ellsberg 09-01-1997

Taking saints seriously for the needs of our time.

The Faith Of Children

by Robert Coles, by Robert Ellsberg 05-01-1982

An interview with Robert Coles.

Through Other Eyes

by Robert Ellsberg 02-01-1981

John Howard Griffin's life of empathy

Stop This Train

by Robert Ellsberg 06-01-1980

The saga of a heel-dragging draft resister