Richard J. Mouw 3-01-1981

The book of Revelation is a series of visions; visions which portray the forces of righteousness and unrighteousness clashing in history.

A meditation on Holy Week

Richard Rohr 12-01-1979

Meditations for Advent

Richard Rohr 11-01-1979

Meditations for Advent

Daniel Tiessen 11-01-1979

Some Biblical Insights on Native Land Claims

Conrad Hoover 12-01-1978

The concluding meditations for Advent.

Walter Wink 10-01-1978

Roman and American economics.

Juan Mateos 7-01-1977

An introduction to the gospel.

James W. Jones 5-01-1977

The call to be a servant society.

Dale W. Brown 3-01-1977

A case for discrimination.

Dewey Beegle 3-01-1977

On making obedience mean occupation.

John Howard Yoder 9-01-1976

Probing the Meaning of Liberation

A Challenge to Male Interpretations

Peter H. Davids 6-01-1975

The right to amass capital and its concomitant power has been maintained and practiced by many Christians. It is not without cause that Marx connects Christianity with capitalism.

Diane MacDonald 6-01-1975

The shared life of the Acts community.

An issue like feminism, however, raises immediate problems, for it is the kind of issue about which scripture does not always speak directly.

Rey O'Day Mawson 8-01-1974

I want to share some very personal feelings.

Dale W. Brown 6-01-1974

Because some have forgotten the necessity of a deep personal commitment to it, others have eliminated the biblical themes of peace, righteousness, and justice from their hopes about the kingdom.

Clark H. Pinnock 5-01-1974

Our text draws an important connection between the fullness of the Spirit and the impulse to minister to the poor and unfortunate. This is the Acts connection.

Bob Sabath 5-01-1974

Two commonly misunderstood motifs in Romans 13 and the other passages of direct teaching on the state are "submission" and "honor."