Molly Marsh 11-01-2002

Advent is the time in our church calendar that redirects us toward our source of sustenance, the hope that God will come, and the promise that God is with us now and forever.

Rose Marie Berger 11-01-2001

This is to all who serve on the human front, wearing any mask that will get you home. A word: While we are all dying to get out, there is one who died to get in.

Julie Polter 11-01-2000

I confess: I was a catalog girl who grew up to be a catalog woman.

Julie Polter 11-01-1998
Advent, incarnation, and the daily news.
Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1988

Jesus was too young to understand the excitement that attended his birth.

Conrad Hoover 12-01-1987
Meditations for Advent
Joe Roos 12-01-1985

The week between Christmas and New Year's is usually quiet around Sojourners Community.

Joe Roos 12-01-1982

Last year Advent was a very special time for me. A child taught me, in a way only a child can, something precious, something true about the birth we all await.

Robert Coles 11-01-1982

Meditations for Advent.

Henri Nouwen 06-01-1981

Downward mobility as Christian vocation

Richard Rohr 12-01-1979

Meditations for Advent

Richard Rohr 11-01-1979

Meditations for Advent

Conrad Hoover 12-01-1978

The concluding meditations for Advent.