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The Immigration System: So Much To Fix

by Crissy Brooks 09-20-2010
It has been one of those weeks. Everything around me seems to need fixing. First the shower backed up, and then my car broke down.

What's in a Name? Living in a "Rule of Law" City

by Crissy Brooks 06-14-2010
Last month, the mayor of Costa Mesa -- where I live -- proposed and passed a proclamation declaring our city a "Rule of Law" city. It is not that we were in total anarchy before May.

Why My Conservative Business Friends Support Immigration Reform

by Crissy Brooks 04-30-2010
Recently I turned to a conservative, white businessman friend to get some insight into how immigrants enhance our culture.

The God Who Sees

by Crissy Brooks 04-28-2010
When I was in second grade handball was all the rage. We played it with big red rubber balls against backboards on the playground.

Friendship Sealed with Accountability

by Crissy Brooks 04-20-2010

Immigration: Drama and First Drafts

by Crissy Brooks 01-21-2010
"Why do you have to be so dramatic?" I thought as I rolled my eyes.

Advent: Hope for Immigrants Too

by Crissy Brooks 12-08-2009
Last year at Christmastime one of my neighbors was deported. The next day his mother showed up to volunteer as a gift wrapper at our annual community Christmas Store.