the Web Editors 9-13-2019

Jerry Falwell, Wendell Berry, 9/11, seminaries making historic moves, and more.

Delman Coates 9-13-2019

As African-American faith leaders committed to the social justice tradition of the Black Church, we would like to raise our voices to point out that it is not lost on us that Larry Summers and the establishment economists have done immense damage to the communities we serve, as well as to the broader American public, via their influence on economic policymaking. We recognize in the new school of economic thought, called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), a credible, highly impressive, and genuinely public-spirited alternative to the disastrous economic stewardship offered by the old guard. MMT also offers a powerful theoretical defense of the Federal Job Guarantee, a proposal that was pioneered by America’s first black economist, Sadie Alexander, and a centerpiece of the activism of civil rights icon, Coretta Scott King.

Jim Wallis 9-12-2019

The current divided government that we see in the U.S. as a result of the 2018 midterm elections has made it markedly more difficult for the president to advance his agenda through new laws and decisions on Congress. Given the contempt he and so many of his supporters have shown towards so many groups of vulnerable people, the new obstructions to Trump’s agenda in the Congress is more than welcome. Unfortunately, the Trump administration’s response to having its legislative agenda stymied has largely been a shift to unilateral executive actions on the administrative and regulatory front rather than any reconsidering of the wisdom or morality of visiting harm on society’s most vulnerable.

Jim Wallis 9-11-2019

This podcast explores the themes in Jim Wallis’ new book Christ in Crisis: Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus.

Vishavjit Singh 9-11-2019

On September 11th, 2001, while walking my dogs over to the Hudson River in the Greenwich Village where I lived, I heard the sound of two low-flying planes. I then witnessed everything that happened, standing there with my neighbors in utter, total disbelief.

Candace Sanders 9-10-2019

On Sept. 10, women's advocacy groups, survivors of workplace harassment, women's rights organizations, and other advocates partnered with Washington, D.C. artist Yacine Tilala Fall to create an interactive art installation designed to direct attention the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act — the first comprehensive federal legislation that addresses workplace harassment. These are photos from the gathering. 

Terence Lester 9-09-2019

Think about this: If you made the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, would you be able to maintain and keep up the life you have now? If you are honest, the answer is probably no. And, if you are really honest, you’d probably say that not only would it be hard, but you’d miss many of the privileges that you are accustomed to daily.

On the Sunday Gran died, I baptized a little girl sixteen months old. And I was grateful for the unending grace that knows neither limit of time nor space. And, as the water spilled down her rosy cheeks, I remembered how Gran held my firstborn, how Gran held me when I was a child, how I held Gran’s hand for the last time, just a few days before.

Rishika Pardikar 9-09-2019

As the U.S. grows closer to a peace deal with the Taliban and prepares to withdraw 5,000 troops from Afghanistan, experts remind us that until the civilian death toll stops, peace on the ground remains a dream.

the Web Editors 9-06-2019

#ChurchToo in Nigeria, Margaret Atwood’s new book, Bob Dylan’s overlooked Christian music, and more.