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Sojourners Magazine: September/October 2007

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Cover Story

With comprehensive immigration reform off the congressional agenda, the New Sanctuary Movement steps into the breach.
Finding sanctuary in a Chicago storefront church.
Evangelical Latinos and the New Sanctuary Movement.
The broken immigration system is a spiritual issue.


BronxConnect shows there's a better alternative to throwing youth in jail.
Families and communities pay a steep price for imprisonment rates.
In the prison-industrial complex, is there hope for redemption?
Azusa Pacific students follow Jesus out of the comfort zone.
What every seminarian should learn about caring for creation.
Integrate books on religion and the environment into the syllabi of existing seminary courses , from biblical studies to pastoral care.
Will seminaries equip church leaders for an age of environmental crisis?


No-benefit jobs leave parents struggling.
Learning from the grassroots at the U.S. Social Forum.
The Bush administration's "license to torture."


Our neighborhood has changed. It's now delicious.
Are beauty and truth a luxury?
The war in Iraq should never have been fought, cannot be won, and must now be ended.

Culture Watch

Religious groups are continuously negotiating between what they perceive as fixed elements of their religious character and a myriad of dynamic pressures—including periods of rapid social cha
Corporate fixes lead to corporate control.
Call them what you will—"green nuns," "eco-nuns," or "green sisters"—but across the country Roman Catholic vowed women are actively engaged in tending and healing the earth.
Race Matters True to Our Native Land, edited by Brian Blount, describes itself as the first African-American commentary on the New Testament.
A black-and-white movie about the bleakness of life in Watts, California—shot for $10,000 about 30 years ago and never intended for theaters—doesn't exactly fit the Hollywood formula.


Pax Christi International, the Brussels-based Catholic peace movement, elected a lay woman and an archbishop as co-presidents.
The eightieth soldier was blown up in Salahuddin Province.
I was pleased to see your special May 2007 issue on trade justice and applaud your coverage of fair trade.
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary Cycle C.
More than 10,000 labor, environmental, and social justice activists from across the country converged on Atlanta in late June for the first U.S. Social Forum.
I am disappointed in Jim Wallis' commentary about Jerry Falwell ("Falwell's Legacy," July 2007).
More than 9.25 million people in the world are held in penal institutions, according to the 2007 edition of the World Prison Population List, produced by the International Centre for Prison Studies
Praise Band. The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which networks with 15 million U.S.
Laurel Rae Mathewson's article "Lord, What Shall I Eat? How Much Should I Weigh?" (July 2007) is a good reminder about the mind/body/spirit connection and relationship.
"From the time of Moses' stone tablets, man [sic] has searched for a better way to store, study, and share God's work," preaches the press release for the newly released GoBible.
Thousands of immigrants and their supporters have attended rallies throughout the United States in the past year, calling attention to the broken system in which many undocumented immigrants langui
Just before 3 a.m. on June 14, intruders forcibly entered Justapaz, the justice and peace office of the Colombian Mennonite Church in Bogotá. The burglars took two desktop computers.
Residents of East Houston's Manchester neighborhood were joined by hundreds of riders from the People's Freedom Caravan as they placed 300 white crosses, representing cancer victims in the communit