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Sojourners Magazine: September 2004

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Cover Story

You don't need to be partisan to be prophetic.


Words of wisdom for a devil-in-training
Volunteers from around the world work for peace in Palestine simply by being there.
Even as atrocities in western Sudan have drawn the world's focus in recent months, there are signs of hope elsewhere in the nation, which has been ravaged by civil war for three or four decades.


You are what you drive.
Should embryos be created for stem cell research?
Every culture needs a scapegoat.


Funerals need to be a little more balanced, with time for rebuttal.
Don't 'whistle while you work'; just whistle because it makes you happy.
The best contribution of religion is precisely not to be a loyal partisan.
E-voting may make us nostalgic for hanging chads.

Culture Watch

Liberals rediscover their moral backbone.
When one of this nation'
Who'Who’s Saving Whom?
Four September 2004 culture recommendations from our editors
More than four decades ago,
It's the stuff the mainstream mass media won't tell you.