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Sojourners Magazine: October 1985

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Cover Story

A look at private U.S. aid in the Contra territory.


The hope and despair of Jeremiah.
The healing power of prayer.


Some pictures speak a thousand words; others speak a thousand years. Such was the image of U.S.
In the fall of 1983, Sojourners helped to launch the Witness for Peace, a venture of faith and prayerful nonviolent action, in response to the U.S.-sponsored war against Nicaragua.
On August 27, the day before he was scheduled to lead a march on Pollsmoor prison, where black political leader Nelson Mandela is serving a life sentence, Rev. Allan Boesak was arrested by South African police under a law that allows for indefinite imprisonment without charges or trial.


We strongly disagree with the treatment of homosexuality in Foster's article "God's Gift of Sexuality."