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Sojourners Magazine: May 1989

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Cover Story


David Duke's election to the Louisiana State Legislature should not come as a surprise to anyone.
Winston Churchill's metaphorical Iron Curtain between East and West may be lifting in these days of glasnost, detente, and other foreign phrases.
It had been a particularly hectic day at the Sojourners office, and that evening my husband, Jim, and I were enjoying the simple comfort of our apartment and some conversation
When the Reagan administration lost its final showdown vote on military aid to the contras, it blamed the U.S. churches.
While the Senate debate over John Tower captivated official Washington, a much more important event was unfolding just across town.

Culture Watch

Someday in the far-distant future, some 23rd-century Mel Brooks may make a satirical film called The History of the World: Part MCXXXXVII.