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Sojourners Magazine: March 2008

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Cover Story

Building a new politics on the old values of generosity, compassion, and community.


How the Democratic Party lost its faith in faith.
The United States still worships at the altar of nuclear weapons - yet cries 'heresy' when others want to join the sect.
"God's Smuggler" Brother Andrew has an odd way of breaking down barriers between Christians and Muslims. But somehow it works.
Religious leaders condemn nuclear weapons.


Is there reason for hope in the Annapolis process?
Loving our neighbors coming home from war.
Global Christian Forum breaks ages-old barriers.


"I have come to love the darkness."
The voice of the people. Even the crazy ones.
It's time to be in the business of building social movements, not just winning elections.

Culture Watch

Reading the Red Letters
When I first entered politics in the late 1960s, I had never heard the term “evangelical.” If I did, I certainly didn’t know what it meant.
The transition of today’s churches from modernism to postmodernism dominates many discussions in Christian and secular media.
The media reform movement comes of age.
Documentary films put human faces on the Millennium Development Goals
It is hard to remember how controversial the ministry of Martin Luther King Jr. was during his life.
Calling Ken Medema a singer-composer is like calling the Yankees a ball club. For his latest CD, Sea Change, Ken is also orchestrator, back-up vocalist (and choir), and percussionist.


I just finished Jim Wallis’ thought-provoking editorial “A Real ‘Values’ Agenda” (January 2008).
Like the iris in the side yard, I have stopped blooming. Dig me up, O Spirit, and split me; where I have grown calloused, break me open;
In Jim Wallis’ article, “A Call to Repentance” (January 2008), he indicts all American churches as having lost their Christian consciences in regard to the U.S.
This Lent, Christians are invited to “Fast from Carbon.” The Regeneration Project’s Interfaith Power and Light carbon fast is a reminder that although global warming threatens
Christians opposed to research on human embryos are hoping a new technique will allow scientists to produce stem cells without destroying embryos.
I greatly appreciated the interview Michelle García conducted with Jon Sobrino (“Goodness Revealed,” January 2008).
While the ongoing U.S.
For Iraqis, the scramble to find family members who are de­tained, kidnapped, killed, or simply lost is a harsh reality of war that often doesn’t make the headlines.
This month, as we enter the high season of the church year, the common lectionary offers an overwhelming number of biblical passages for our consideration.