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A Low-Carbon Diet

This Lent, Christians are invited to “Fast from Carbon.” The Regeneration Project’s Interfaith Power and Light carbon fast is a reminder that although global warming threatens life everywhere, it is the poor who will suffer first—and worst—if developed nations do not take greater responsibility for carbon emissions.

This year, IPL’s North Carolina chapter promoted the Lenten Carbon Fast statewide and anticipates that more than 100 congregations will participate. Last year’s carbon fast included churches distributing low-flow shower heads, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and bus schedules and pedestrian maps. Fasters also were asked to determine their household carbon footprint, work out a carbon-saving action plan, engage in prayer and study to deepen their commitment to caring for God’s creation, and advocate for legislation that protects the environment. “As prosperous Christ­ians come to understand the connection between their lifestyle behaviors and these consequences [to the poor], we see them embracing new patterns of living,” Alice Loyd, director of IPL’s North Carolina chapter, told Sojourners.

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Sojourners Magazine March 2008
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