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Sojourners Magazine: March 1982

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Cover Story

Thoughts on the church and Psalm 22


Poland's meaning for the peace movement.
An archbishop writes to his people.
The misuse of alcohol.
Struggling to lay down our lives.


An update on the war tax resistance movement.


As the surge of nuclear resistance has cut broader and deeper channels into the mainstream of the U.S. church, new and encouraging voices of Christian protest are being raised.
Six weeks ago the Reagan administration faced one of its most embarrassing controversies 
Last month a Vietnamese peacemaker and a U.S. Christian entered federal prison to serve 15-year sentences for their efforts to promote U.S.-Vietnamese reconciliation.
Washington was blanketed in snow that day, three inches on the ground and more falling fast as I walked to the magazine office about noon.
One of our readers from Minnesota sent us an article a few months ago telling the story of a 20-year-old draft resister named Scott Aaseng. 


You are all that shines in a church of gold hermana mia circling the white stones a public rosary walked in silence before La Casa Rosada