Untying Threads of Grief in ‘All My Knotted-Up Life’ | Sojourners

Untying Threads of Grief in ‘All My Knotted-Up Life’

Beth Moore discusses trauma and suffering with both candor and restraint in her new memoir.
An image of Beth Moore's memoir 'All My Knotted-Up Life' against a pink backdrop. The cover shows her as a child posing with her family as they stand behind and to both sides of an old navy and white van outside near a forest.
All My Knotted-Up Life, by Beth Moore / Tyndale House

“GRIEF TAKES SO much energy. I can feel it even in my fingers.”

These are the words that drew me to Christian author and speaker Beth Moore’s memoir, All My Knotted-Up Life. She posted the sentences as two separate tweets in the wake of her brother’s unexpected death, less than three weeks before her memoir’s release.

Through her Living Proof Ministries, Moore is one of the most prominent white evangelical women in the U.S. I braced myself as I entered the book, but she delivers stories of resilience with all the charm, sweetness, and humor one would expect from a memoirist with roots in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

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