Women and Girls

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Paola Fuentes Gleghorn
Immigration and Women and Girls Campaign Coordinator

Since the 1970s, Sojourners has been committed to resisting sexism and misogyny by advocating for a  world where women and men are given equal respect and opportunity in the church and beyond. To help that vision become reality, the Women and Girls Campaign works to address gender-based violence from a faith-based perspective, and seeks to close the gender gap in church leadership through storytelling, scripture analysis, and resource-sharing.

Women and Girls

Our Work

Sojourners invited pastors and parishioners to send us sermons on domestic and sexual violence. Here, read quotes from each sermon, and learn how you can begin making your church a safer sanctuary for survivors. You can search by location, scripture, or denomination.
Three extraordinary essays about women, sexual violence, and the silence or welcome they received from their church. "I Believe You" will draw you into a topic too often pushed underground as the author interviews survivors, pastors, and supporters of victims of violence and ultimately emerges with an answer to that question in the body of Christ.
As people of faith, what is our responsibility to girls and young women who suffer abuse, lash out, and wind up in prison? In the eyes of the criminal justice system, these girls are violent criminals who get what they deserve. But, as Jenna Barnett reminds us in this story, no one is ever beyond our compassion and "nobody is the worst thing they have ever done."
An estimated 30 million women, men, and children are trapped in human trafficking today. This resource seeks to help individuals understand the urgency and complexity of modern slavery, while providing theological grounding for why this injustice remains a threat to God-given dignity.
Women and Girls
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