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Sojourners Magazine: June 1988

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The Robertson Campaign and the Wilderness Experience
Jesse Jackson Breaks Common Ground


A Sermon on the Grace and Freedom of God's Love
The clock tower on the Schley County courthouse in Ellaville, Georgia, population 1,770, is leaning precariously.


Life is more than breath, and the casualties of the contra war also include people will shattered dreams. 
For seven days the deaf students of Gallaudet University waged on of the most articulate and well-publicized protests. 
When the Sojourners editorial staff sat down last fall to map out our coverage of the 1988 presidential campaign, it was clear that the old theme of "religion and politics" would again be part of the story.
We have to make sure that we don't become so inflamed by the injustices around us that we destroy our own happiness and burn out.
We came. We saw. Then everybody went home.

Culture Watch

Way back in the early '80s, singer-poet-activist Gil Scott Heron rang in the Reagan era with a titanically sad song called "Winter in America." As usual, Scott Heron was on the money.