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Sojourners Magazine: June 1987

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A Sermon on Giving Thanks.
Jean Donovan's Legacy to Her Parents


Let's be honest right up front. Many of us at Sojourners are movie buffs. And basketball fans.
According to the book of Ecclesiastes, there is no new thing under the sun. But at first glance, Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev would seem to be proving the ancient sage wrong.
Traditional temptations of money, sex, and power, the media ministers-turned-media moguls have displayed behavior that is at the same time just plain tasteless.
A men's group at Sojourners? Where surely the men share cooking, parenting, feelings, and a devotion to the Baltimore Orioles?

Culture Watch

It's morning in America. Our long national daydream is over. The worm, so to speak, has turned. The Reagan era is history.