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Sojourners Magazine: January 1988

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Cover Story

Christ House has been a blessing to many.


If you think you may have missed out on an opportunity to spare a dime and put some money where it might make a difference, you might want to drop the people at ICE a line.
Naomi Scott was to be presented with the key to the newly renovated apartment building by the mayor himself.
There are days, to tell the truth, that you just have to wonder if it's worth it to try to live in community.
To see our problems as rooted in the system itself and not in the succession of politicians and parties who revolve in its management is indeed the beginning of political wisdom.
On October 19,1987, the deal went down and the house of cards folded.

Culture Watch

These days, more and more workers in all sorts of circumstances are finding it hard to remember why anyone would have ever felt so passionately about a union affiliation.