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Sojourners Magazine: February 1982

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Hollanditis spreads through Europe


Two years ago an outsider might have wondered if there was a peace movement in Great Britain. Since then there has been a revolution in the way people think.
400,000 'ordinary people' came together for peace.
Christ broke through the cycle of violence, fear, and need for protection in which we still live.
Conversation with a Dutch peacemaker.
A grandfather of the peace movement talks about his times and ours.


Only one day in the month of a monthly magazine is more frenzied, more demanding than the day before deadline, and that is the day that follows. Neither is a day to be gone from the office.
I receive many good, thoughtful letters.
The sound of marching feet in Europe has again reached American ears. But this time Europeans are marching for peace.
In October of 1978, Congress voted to extend the seven-year time limit it had imposed for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) by another three years and three months, to June 30,1982.
So far President Reagan's "zero option" proposal on medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe has successfully defused the issue on this side of the Atlantic.