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Sojourners Magazine: February 1977

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Proliferation is undermining the rationale for our nuclear arsenals.
Does God approve of our intent to use nuclear weapons? I don’t believe so. Moreover, I do not believe God approves of even the possession of nuclear weapons.
But for at least a few moments in 1975 and 1976, members of the House and Senate were asked to face reality on one of the more irrational aspects of U.S. foreign and military policy.
Finding ourselves in the courts of an alien god.
The spokes of the nuclear umbrella.
Deadly reruns of the Cold War.
The church and nuclear madness.


A Lockheed family's blueprint for liberation


"Teacher, bid my brother divide the inheritance with me." These words in the 12th chapter of Luke begin one of the most relevant discourses of Jesus for today.
I was two months old when my country killed at least 150,000 people in Japan with the atomic bomb.


In August of 1945, an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, dropped the first atom bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.