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Sojourners Magazine: December 2006

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Cover Story

Christian Peacemakers on captivity in Iraq.
I have always been uncomfortable with the designation “peacemaker.” “Makers” usually have an intimate relationship with their craft.
The faces of our Iraqi partners showed pain and worry in April 2006 when we asked them whether Christian Peacemaker Teams should continue to work in Iraq after Jim, Harmeet, Norman, and Tom had bee
Tom Fox was profoundly affected by the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.


In battered Liberia, a woman catches a glimpse of the reconciliation that only the bread and wine might bring.
Thomas Keating talks about how the ancient church tradition of contemplation can transform Christians today.
John Perkins' pioneering ministry has shown that true racial reconciliation can only come with economic and political empowerment.


Is military intervention the only way?
A new perspective on faith has emerged.


Political manipulation of religion only compounded the crime of political neglect of the poor.
It was a year to remember. (Do we have to?)
What habits do you have that generate hope?

Culture Watch

Jesus was a political revolutionary—not the meek figure he is commonly portrayed as—whose teachings have been diluted, if not corrupted, by those in positions of power, writes Obery Hen
There may be no more basic lesson in persuasive writing than the futility of creating a straw man: Sketch a loose summary of an opponent’s argument in order to dismiss it with ease.
The war on the war on Christmas
Appalachian-influenced music with a modern twist: Zoe Speaks.
How would Mahatma Gandhi confront terrorism today? And what action would the apostle of nonviolence take in response to the wars waged in the name of anti-terrorism?


If you want to be cool this Christmas, nothing is more “in” than irony and nothing is more ironic than sending gifts wrapped with Jesus packaging tape—printed with Andy Warhol-esq
I read with great interest Stacia Brown’s article on conscientious objectors in the military (“Valor, Honor, Conscience,” September-October 2006).
At the request of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, a group of U.S.
In “Back from the Brink?” September-October 2006, David Cortright argues well for U.S. engagement with Iran, a dialogue many of us have advocated since the 1980s.
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C.
The federal excise tax on long-distance phone calls, which began as part of the Spanish-American War effort in 1898, was repealed in May by the U.S. Treasury Department.
While Advent is the particular season of the church year in which we anticipate the coming of Jesus, the word can also mean "a coming into being," an opportunity for old ways of thinking and being
Turkey’s highest Islamic authority, the Diyanet, recently decided to prepare a new collection of hadiths without sexist statements such as “the best of women are those who are like shee
She left with her sack of stones and one dying rose, fragrant as Pinot Noir.