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Muslim Victim Rais Bhuiyan Campaigns to Save His Attacker

by Laurna Strikwerda 07-07-2011

Ten days after 9/11, Rais Bhuiyan, an immigrant from Bangladesh, was working at a gas station in Dallas, Texas when a man walked in with a gun. Thinking the store was being robbed, Bhuiyan opened the cash register

New Look at Islamic Texts

by Laurna Strikwerda 12-01-2006

Turkey’s highest Islamic authority, the Diyanet, recently decided to prepare a new collection of hadiths without sexist statements such as “the best of women are those who are like shee

The Faces Of Islam

by Laurna Strikwerda 06-01-2006

What does it mean to be female, Muslim, and American?