December 1987


Collapse and Restoration of Discipleship (Mark 14:1 - 16:8)
The Base Community Movement in Brazil
An interview with Dom Luis Fernandes


An open letter to the IRD
Why are we in the Persian Gulf? That's the question that is (or should be) on America's lips. It's a simple question.
In a week I turn over my first decade at Sojourners Community. 
Robertson seems to have a history of distorting the facts or exaggerating the importance of his accomplishments, a history of portraying himself to have done things he did not do and to be things he is not.
Honoring those who have given flesh to the way of Christ in this world and whose lives speak to us of the hope and joy of Christmas.

Culture Watch

"Doonesbury" cartoonist Garry Trudeau is having a hard time in the Reagan era; reality keeps outstripping his wildest flights of satire.