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Sojourners Magazine: August-September 1987

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Stacey Merkt's Faith-Filled Journey Continues Under House Arrest.
A Catechism of the Cross (Mark 8:22 - 10:52).


The month of June may have been the most turbulent in South Korea's history since the war that divided the Korean peninsula in the early 1950s.
So far the story of the Iran-contra investigation has at least as much to do with what hasn't happened as what has.
"Does anyone live in the neighborhood in which the alleged crime was committed?" the judge wanted to know.
What you hear in the whispers, proclaim from the housetops. --Matthew 10:27
Parenting a child is a gift, not a right.

Culture Watch

This past spring I went to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, again. Like millions of other Americans, I've got a thing about Elvis.


(On spending the 40th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagaski at the Nevada desert underground testing site.)