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Sojourners Magazine: August-September 1974

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An issue like feminism, however, raises immediate problems, for it is the kind of issue about which scripture does not always speak directly.
Tertullian, as we all know, once asked the question concerning the relationship between faith and reason by using a metaphor. “What,” he asked, "does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?"
Race, class, and sex were three ways Jewish men had of defining people as “other.” 


I want to share some very personal feelings.


Efforts to polish the American military image and to attract qualified recruits for its all-volunteer force are growing.
I am a white male and my family roots are in the American middle-class.


Now is the time to be canning and freezing fruits and vegetables for the winter.

Culture Watch

Letha Scanzoni and Nancy Hardesty, All We're Meant to Be, Word Books, 1974.
A compilation of general and religious works regarding women's liberation.