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Politics for Evangelicals

by Boyd Reese 12-01-1974

Review of Politics for Evangelicals by Paul Henry.

All We're Meant to Be by Letha Scanzoni and Nancy Hardesty

by Boyd Reese 08-01-1974

Letha Scanzoni and Nancy Hardesty, All We're Meant to Be, Word Books, 1974.

Political Evangelism; Politics: A Case for Christian Action; Memo for 1976

by Boyd Reese 04-01-1974

Three books dealing with politics and discipleship.

The Structure of Power

by Boyd Reese 01-01-1974

Popular American mythology holds that power in this society is rooted in the sovereign people. This concept runs through American history.

America's Empire

by Boyd Reese 11-01-1973

A great deal has already been written about America’s involvement throughout the world and for that reason I am hesitant to write another article on the subject.

Guerilla Theater 750 B.C.

by Boyd Reese 01-01-1972

Guerrilla theater has proved to be a very effective tool for dramatizing some of the contradictions that are part of the fabric of our society.