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Sojourners Magazine: April 2005

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The elite few benefit from the Bush tax agenda. The rest of us get stuck with the bill.
For political strategist Grover Norquist, tax policy is just a means to a brutish end.


With 86 percent of the country below the poverty line, the southern African nation of Zambia seems an unlikely candidate to face down the United States - and corporate giant Monsanto - over genetically modified seeds.
The young refugees had come through almost unthinkable terrors to a strange, strange land.
A 40-year-old civil rights murder mystery, and the former state trooper who holds the answer.
Object lessons from Palestinian-American artist Rajie Cook.
Uncut interview with the man at the center of the Jimmy Lee Jackson murder case.


No tax cuts during wartime.
Communicating across the red-blue divide.
Millennium Goals offer hope against poverty.


It's the lives of our saints, not their deaths, that teach us about faith.
As the tour continues, a new movement for justice in America is being spread. I can feel it.
Is corporal punishment the proper way to nurture moral character?
Clearly, Rumsfeld's critics never had their own secret army.

Culture Watch

A Faith-A Faith-Based Solution
Aaron McGruder rages against the machine.
The attack of the chiller flicks.
As Joshua crosses the Jordan River into the promised land,


I wholeheartedly agree with Jim Wallis'
When Father Roberto Ubertino blessed his Orthodox parishioners'
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Haitian priest Gerard Jean-
It is often said that what you pay for something affects how much you value it.
I have climbed out of the depths where human ash and soil comprise a pyramidal mound covered by the green of life. Here women, men, and children
Kudos to Danny Duncan Collum for his column (
Sometimes the most important stories are hidden in plain view.
Looking for something to wear on Talk Like A Pirate Day?
I enjoyed reading the excerpt "