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Sojourners Magazine: April 2005

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Cover Story

The elite few benefit from the Bush tax agenda. The rest of us get stuck with the bill.
For political strategist Grover Norquist, tax policy is just a means to a brutish end.


With 86 percent of the country below the poverty line, the southern African nation of Zambia seems an unlikely candidate to face down the United States - and corporate giant Monsanto - over genetically modified seeds.
The young refugees had come through almost unthinkable terrors to a strange, strange land.
A 40-year-old civil rights murder mystery, and the former state trooper who holds the answer.
Object lessons from Palestinian-American artist Rajie Cook.
Uncut interview with the man at the center of the Jimmy Lee Jackson murder case.


Millennium Goals offer hope against poverty.
No tax cuts during wartime.
Communicating across the red-blue divide.


It's the lives of our saints, not their deaths, that teach us about faith.
As the tour continues, a new movement for justice in America is being spread. I can feel it.
Is corporal punishment the proper way to nurture moral character?
Clearly, Rumsfeld's critics never had their own secret army.

Culture Watch

As Joshua crosses the Jordan River into the promised land,
A Faith-A Faith-Based Solution
Aaron McGruder rages against the machine.
The attack of the chiller flicks.


I wholeheartedly agree with Jim Wallis'
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When Father Roberto Ubertino blessed his Orthodox parishioners'
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It is often said that what you pay for something affects how much you value it.
I have climbed out of the depths where human ash and soil comprise a pyramidal mound covered by the green of life. Here women, men, and children
Kudos to Danny Duncan Collum for his column (
Looking for something to wear on Talk Like A Pirate Day?
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Sometimes the most important stories are hidden in plain view.