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Let's Reduce Abortion

I enjoyed reading the excerpt "

I enjoyed reading the excerpt "A Better Option." I’m in total agreement that we need a new political dynamic in this country that transcends the secular Left and fundamentalist Right. It is tragic that conservative Christians have made an unholy pact with corporate capitalists against their self-interests. We lost an excellent congressperson in Indiana’s 9th district because of this.

I do know that abortion is a contentious issue, and I’m sure that most of us pro-choice readers of Sojourners would like to see abortion rates reduced. We can join with our pro-life brethren in making adoption easier, working for federal and state support for single mothers, making sex education and birth control more available, and even stressing (gasp) that sex is best reserved for a monogamous relationship.

But one thing we won’t budge on. We will never support recriminalizing abortion. U.S. women should have the same rights as most women in Europe do in regard to abortion.
Richard Clark
Salem, Indiana

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Sojourners Magazine April 2005
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