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Sojourners Magazine: April 1982

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An interview with Bob Chenoweth
A history of U.S. intervention.
The following was written by a North American church person and friend of Sojourners who was working with Salvadoran refugees in Honduras in the early 1980s.
All day long we were fleeing. We ran seeking the ravines. We brought all of the injured from the other villages; there were many. The largest number were women and little children.
Military collaboration and its toll of terror.


On grief and the meaning of resurrection.


Reading Romans 8:26-39 in a small group recently, I was struck most by the last four verses:
An open letter to President Reagan 
Month after month in "Euclid Street Journal" we have shared bits and pieces of our lives as a community. We have told about our hopes, dreams, and successes.
It is among the sweet ironies of Matthew's account that Roman soldiers are among the first witnesses of the resurrection. 


1. Resurrection Day: how it illumines the people! The Pasch is the Passover of the Lord from death to life, from earth to the kingdom.