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Canon of the Pasch

Resurrection Day:
how it illumines the people!
The Pasch is the Passover of the Lord
from death to life,
from earth to the kingdom.

Let us cleanse our senses
and see Christ like lightning-
inaccessible light.
Listen: he calls us to sing.

Let the earth rejoice,
let the kingdom feast.
Let all things visible and invisible
celebrate, for He is risen
to an endless joy.

Come, let's drink
of the new waters, not flowing from a rock
but spouting

from an empty tomb.
The sky, the earth, the abyss--

all things are filled

with light.

Buried yesterday, today I arise.
Crucified yesterday,
today I am remembered
in the kingdom.

Let the prophet Habakkuk come.
Let him show us the angel of light
who announces the world's liberation.

David, the forefather of God,
leaped and danced before the tented ark.
Let us, the holy of God,
rejoice in spirit and grasp the mystery
of His third day resurrection.

Let us rise before dawn
and in place of myrrh,
bring the songs of praise.
We will welcome the Sun of all Truth.

The prisoners of the abyss
moved toward His light,
weaving a dance in their chains.

With candles, let us meet
our bridegroom as He steps out
from the tomb.

Within the depths, O Christ,
You shattered the ancient fetters
and rose on the third day
like Jonah from the whale.

The seals are intact
at Your grave, virginity
is preserved in Your birth.
You open to us
the narrow gates.

O Saviour,
living and indestructible
from the grave You lead forth Adam
and all the children of men.

He, Who released Abraham's sons
from Nebuchadnezzar's furnace,
became a man, suffered
as a man, and by sufferings
immortalized man.

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