Video Producer

Kayla Lattimore is the Video Producer for Sojourners.


She is a digital storyteller and photographer who focuses her work on social documentary. After traveling the world and working in television and marketing, she decided to pursue her passion for nonfiction filmmaking through advocacy. She is on a tireless journey to create documentaries and content centered around race and social justice issues to empower her community.


You can follow her work on the Sojourners Video Page.

Posts By This Author

Is a Culture of Empathy and Understanding Possible?

by Kayla Lattimore 04-26-2019
A Conversation with Van Jones

Van Jones in his new docuseries The Redemption Project. Photo courtesy Grace Hill Media

His latest docuseries, CNN’s The Redemption Project, Van Jones a look at what restorative justice and healing looking like within our criminal system, bringing offenders face to face with those affected by their violent crimes in hopes of promoting dialogue and healing.

Jordan Peele's New Horror Film Blurs the Lines Between Us and Them

by Kayla Lattimore 03-28-2019

From Friday the 13th to Halloween, there’s nothing I love more than a great horror film that has a good twist at the end. Though they tend to follow the same predictable plot, I still enjoy the ride. Yet, there has never been a horror film that has stayed with me — until I watched Us directed by Jordan Peele. I sat in my car for 20 minutes thinking of how uneasy I felt, which I believe was the point of the film: to leave you unsettled. After watched it, I realized that Peele has not only created a haunting piece of art but has also proven to be a craftsman in the art of subversion. This film makes you question who you perceive to be the other and how that conflict manifests in our world.

A Pilgrim's Journey

Migrant people hold the now and the not yet in tension. In the midst of waiting to make it up north and taking their turn for a credible fear interview at the border, life continues. People find ways to feel alive, to keep hope alive. At La Casa del Peregrino, holding on to hope looked like doing karaoke, coloring banners, and making beaded bracelets. They were not devoid of life.

Nearly 150 Climate Activists Arrested in Mass Demonstration for Green New Deal

by Christina Colón, by Kayla Lattimore 12-10-2018

More than 1,000 young adults risked arrest Monday in Washington, D.C. by flooding the offices of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), and Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.). It’s the second time this winter that the Sunrise Movement has taken to the capitol in what Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash referred to as part of a concentrated effort, “[to] build policy support and people power” around a Green New Deal.