Julienne Gage is a Miami-based journalist who investigates economic development in the U.S. and Caribbean. 

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Resources for Study and Action

by Julienne Gage 11-01-1996
Tibetan Aid Project. Manufacturing Consent. Against Forgetting.

The Blueberry Tax

Between the Lines

Women's Rights are Human Rights

Between the Lines

Briefly Noted

News bites

News bites

Democracy Efforts for China

Chinese pro-democracy activist Harry Wu led 1,000 protestors to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., to kick off Amnesty International's Annual General Meeting in June.

Peace and Dignity

Margarito and Maria Esquino, refugees in Washington, D.C., received death threats this spring that they suspect came from members of El Salvador’s ruling ARENA party.

Fasting for Life

“Anything worth living for is worth dying for,” Brian Rohatyn told The Washington Post concerning his fast with Pastors for Peace on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

International Human Rights Law Group Awards

British Parliament member John Hume received the International Human Rights Award this spring for his nonviolent reconciliation work in Northern Ireland. Awards were also gi

Until Things Fall Apart

by Julienne Gage 07-01-1996
Why does the West ignore Africa until crisis strikes?

Resources for Study and Action

by Julienne Gage 07-01-1996
Transitions Abroad. Hear Our Voices. 500 Years of Chicano History.

Briefly Noted

The Rights of Youth

In spite of the fact that Casa Alianza (Covenant House Latin America) forced the Honduras government to admit in a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that it illegally

Resources for Study and Action

by Julienne Gage 05-01-1996
Cook for a Cause. State of the World. Access to Reinvestment. National Green Pages.

Briefly Noted

Members of the Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) in Jerusalem announced publicly that they would ride the city's #18 bus for several hours on Sunday, March 10.

Treading on Holy Ground

Ward Valley in California's eastern Mojave Desert may seem like the middle of nowhere to those looking to dump their nuclear sludge.

Palestinian Recount

Although several sources reported that independent candidate Jonathan Kuttab was elected to the Palestinian Council in January...

Resources for Study and Action

by Julienne Gage 03-01-1996
The Truth about Affirmative Action

Life in the Inland Empire

The Inland Northwest, which includes eastern Washington and northern Idaho, is known more because of stories about Ruby Ridge and the Neo-Nazi headquarters in Hayden Lake, Idaho, than for its wooded tranquility.

The Nonviolence Web

Troubled by the scarcity of material from the nonviolent peace movement on the World Wide Web, three individuals are dedicating their skills to "help bring the powerful message of nonviolence on

Briefly Noted

Photojournalist Mev Puleo, whose work focused on the lives and struggles of the poor, died January 12, 1996, of a brain tumor. Puleo, who was 32 years old, received the 1995 U.S.