Julienne Gage

Julienne Gage is a Miami-based journalist who investigates economic development in the U.S. and Caribbean. 

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Seeking the Peace of the City

by Julienne Gage 10-03-2012

Faith communities work to stem the flow of guns to criminals.

A Higher Calling For Higher Ed

by Julienne Gage 09-01-2010

Trinity University found the future of education -- hiding in its own neighborhood.

Which Tribe?

by Julienne Gage 09-01-2002

Spokane Indian Sherman Alexie often snaps "that's personal" during interviews, yet the characters in his books and films closely follow his own life growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation...

Worth Noting…

by Julienne Gage 05-01-2002

It takes the rare vocal talents of a singer like Lila Downs to silence a Madrid crowd—and convince them to put out their cigarettes without complaining.


by Julienne Gage 09-01-2001

Bread and Roses, the latest from British director Ken Loach, portrays with incredible precision the reality of the modern immigrant experience in industrialized nations.

The Great Experiment

by Julienne Gage 09-01-2000

Reflections on Cuba's past---and future.

Sustaining a Life of Service

by Julienne Gage 09-01-2000
A legacy of service: Krista Hunt Ausland

The Death of a Young Activist

by Julienne Gage 09-01-1998

At midnight on May 21, I fell to the floor screaming when I learned that Krista Hunt Ausland, my best friend for 24 years, had plunged to her death in a bus accident in Bolivia.

The Faces of Crisis

by Julienne Gage 03-01-1998
Restoring hope and identity to El Salvador's youth.

Resources for Study and Action

by Julienne Gage 11-01-1996
Tibetan Aid Project. Manufacturing Consent. Against Forgetting.