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The Nonviolence Web

Troubled by the scarcity of material from the nonviolent peace movement on the World Wide Web, three individuals are dedicating their skills to "help bring the powerful message of nonviolence onto society's latest soapbox."

Barbara Hirshkowitz and Martin Kelly, editors at New Society Press; and Kenneth Sutton, assistant editor of the Quaker periodical Friends Journal, have set up The Nonviolence Web (NV-Web) to offer free, professionally designed pages on the web to national organizations dedicated to social change through nonviolent action. The organization notes that as publishing costs continue to soar, NV-Web offers a historic opportunity for activists to circumvent many of the economic pressures of print.

For more information, visit their homepage at: Or contact NV-Web, 4709 Windsor, Philadelphia, PA 19143; (215) 382-6543; e-mail:

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 1996
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