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Transitions Abroad

Did you know that there’s a program that invites ecologically responsible women to participate in a 15-day trip into secluded Irian Jaya, New Guinea, to meet with the Kumbai tribe, met by fewer than a dozen outsiders? This opportunity and many more are listed in Transitions Abroad, an alternative travel guide that includes programs and advice for families, students, seniors, and disabled people.

The best part about alternative travel is that it offers so much learning experience. Transitions Abroad dedicates chapters to programs for high school students, language study, and undergraduate study. It also lists a variety of volunteer and teaching opportunities, including many ESL programs. This is a complete guide for anyone itching with the alternative travel bug. For the 1996 Transitions Abroad book, call 1-800-293-0373. Cost is $19.95.

Hear Our Voices

Immigrant women must deal with new, often hostile environments while simultaneously bearing the responsibility of work and family.

Since 70 million of the world’s refugees are women and children, and half of the world’s 30 million migrant workers are women, there is great need to assist and empower these women through economic development, education, training, and legal assistance. The groups listed in Hear Our Voices: A Resource Directory of Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Projects address a wide range of women’s refugee and immigrant issues in the United States and abroad.

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Sojourners Magazine July-August 1996
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