Danny Duncan Collum, author of the novel White Boy, teaches writing at Kentucky State University in Frankfort. 

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No Apologetics For Apartheid

by Danny Duncan Collum 10-01-1982

One of the first theological and pastoral issues to face the early church was that of race.

The Message

by Danny Duncan Collum 10-01-1982

Every summer there seems to be one song that dominates the atmosphere in our mostly black, low-income neighborhood. 

Two Rights--Many Wrongs

by Danny Duncan Collum 09-01-1982

This past May I had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land for a week.

Tangled Roots of Conflict

by Danny Duncan Collum 09-01-1982

Behind the war in Lebanon.

A Success For No One

by Danny Duncan Collum 07-01-1982

I recently heard a retired British diplomat tell of a cable he sent years ago to a colleague at the United Nations who was embroiled in sensitive negotiations over Cyprus.

Ambassadors Of Reconciliation

An interview with Volkmar Deile

Opposing War Before It Starts

An interview with Andre Gingerich

The Spring Freeze

by Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-1982

The nuclear freeze campaign began less than two years ago as an attempt to give the peace movement a concrete, attainable political goal that would also be a genuine first step toward the abolition of nuclear weapons. 

Trespassing in the Basin

by Danny Duncan Collum 04-01-1982

A history of U.S. intervention.

Clear Signals

by Danny Duncan Collum 03-01-1982

Six weeks ago the Reagan administration faced one of its most embarrassing controversies 

Zero Option Scores A Zero

by Danny Duncan Collum 02-01-1982

So far President Reagan's "zero option" proposal on medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe has successfully defused the issue on this side of the Atlantic.


by Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-1981

For most of us it was just another Thursday, but for millions of people who depend in some way on the federal government for their livelihood October 1, 1981, was Day One of the Year One for Ronald Reagan's America. 

TV And The Ruckus On The Right

by Danny Duncan Collum 09-01-1981

Every year about this time the television industry unveils a new collection of cops, clowns, sex objects, heroic doctors, and affectionate animals before an increasingly disinterested public.

The Good News In Poland

by Danny Duncan Collum 08-01-1981

In addition to the anniversary of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings, this August marks another, much happier, anniversary.

Assault On The Poor

by Danny Duncan Collum 07-01-1981

The Reagan administration's economic policies

Crossing the Canyon

by Danny Duncan Collum 07-01-1981

This country has always assumed, either openly or just beneath the surface, that people are poor because they are worthless and worthless because they are poor.

The Height Of Irresponsibility

by Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-1981

For a few days recently President Reagan's budget-cutting plan and the war in El Salvador were edged out of the headlines 

Our Chance To Stop

by Danny Duncan Collum, by Mernie King 03-01-1981

Reasons for building a nuclear arms moratorium movement

The Whirlwind Postponed

by Danny Duncan Collum 03-01-1981

In a meeting a few weeks ago, a member of my household asked the rest of us for advice on whether she should join her coworkers in attending ceremonies honoring the returned hostages.

The Power Of Poland's Powerless

by Danny Duncan Collum 01-01-1981

In the five months since the workers' uprising began in Poland, events there have been thick with irony.