Danny Duncan Collum, a Sojourners contributing writer, teaches writing at Kentucky State University in Frankfort, Kentucky. He is the author of the novel White Boy.

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by Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-1987

Poised at the brink of a new century, Americans are forging bravely into the past. Nostalgia is the order of the day. All the TV classics of the '50s and '60s are back in style.


by Danny Duncan Collum 03-01-1987

At about the time this magazine reaches most subscribers, ABC's 12-hour miniseries "Amerika" will be fouling the airwaves.

A State of Secrecy

by Danny Duncan Collum 03-01-1987

In Washington these days, the great unanswered question about the Iran-contra scandal is the nostalgic Watergate favorite, "What did the president know, and when did he know it?"

Standing on the Promises

by Danny Duncan Collum 02-01-1987

The Testimony of the Freedom Movement.

Breaking the Power

by Danny Duncan Collum 02-01-1987

A View Over, Under, and Beyond the Cold War.

Our Only Escape

by Danny Duncan Collum 02-01-1987

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the focus of this issue of Sojourners, is the most pervasive historic fact of our time.

Public Television

by Danny Duncan Collum 02-01-1987

Who is the "public" in public television?

Terms of Engagement

by Danny Duncan Collum 01-01-1987

The last months of 1986 saw a steady stream of seemingly positive headlines related to South Africa. The U.S. Congress passed a sanctions bill and overrode the president's veto.

Once in a Lifetime

by Danny Duncan Collum 12-01-1986

On October 11, 1986, in Reykjavik, Iceland, history came to a turning point.

The Kingdom and the Power

by Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-1986

Now that Robertson's candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination is a near-certainty, politicians and church people alike are presented with a number of considerably more vexing questions.

For Generations to Come: The Cost of America's Farm Crisis

An Interview with David Ostendorf

Shifting Sands of Liberty

by Danny Duncan Collum 10-01-1986

Many of us have grown up with an image of the Supreme Court as the guardian of our constitutional rights.

The Forgotten Farmer

by Danny Duncan Collum 10-01-1986

The Crisis in American Agriculture seems to be worsening. 

From Hiroshima To Chernobyl

by Danny Duncan Collum 08-01-1986

For us, and for many of our readers, it has become a tradition to mark the August 6 and 9 anniversaries of the atomic bombings in Japan with public prayers and protest.

An Eye For An Eye

by Danny Duncan Collum 06-01-1986

On April 14 the United I States finally "did something" about terrorism by unleashing a massive bombing raid against Libya.

Reagan Fails The Test

by Danny Duncan Collum 06-01-1986

The importance of a comprehensive nuclear test ban as a first step toward ending the arms race does not end with the Soviet moratorium.

The Big Picture

by Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-1986

Where We Are and How We Got Here

Finding the Filipino Path

by Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-1986

All analysis aside, there was much to be simply thankful for in the recent change of governments in the Philippines.

Reagan's African Rambo

by Danny Duncan Collum 04-01-1986

Last July, in the midst of the TWA hijacking crisis, Congress was seized by a fit of Rambo-mania.

Forgive Us Our Debts

by Danny Duncan Collum 03-01-1986

For most of the world's people, the debt issue is very real and very simple, as real and simple as a loaf of bread or a bowl of rice.